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As a little girl often visiting Guatemala with my parents, I fell in love with my travels at an early age. The adventure of packing a bag, the flight, the arrival of a far-off place, the culture, colors and smells. Guatemala and it's indigenous people have always held a special place in my heart. Almost like a natural force pulling me and always leaving me wanting more. What once was an adventure grew into a passion and vision for the people and it's economic challenges. 

After having my own children, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to return to my Guatemalan roots, to create a brand and to teach my own children the importance of a helping hand. tiny+FARAWAY is a brand of children's products that mix a little modern with indigenous hand dyed and embroidered textiles. The colors and textures are just like the ones I always remembered from my childhood.
With a passion for people and art, tiny+FARAWAY was born. Helping increase economic opportunity for Guatemalan communities, to preserve their heritage and way of life. With your purchase you are contributing to families in Guatemala, to keep passing down their unique knowledge from generation to generation in hand crafted arts. Allowing YOU and your child to make a difference, by supporting through fair trade. READ MORE
>>Encouraging 'Humanitarian Kids' by bringing a little color, imagination and adventure to your children and home. Please join us on our journey.
How it all starts. Milagro + Aileen