Q: Where do you source your items?

A: We work closely with Guatemalan artisans, many in remote areas.

Q: Why is there only 1 or 2 available items at a time?

A: Many of our items are one-of-a-kind handmade and not produced by a machine.

Q: How do you price/value your items?

A: It typically takes a weaver 3-4 months to make a traditional huipil (blouse). We pay a fair trade price to each of our artisans and value their skill and work.

Q: Are huipils (blouse) delicate? Can I wash my nap mat made from a huipil (blouse)?

A: Huipils are traditionally a thick poncho like blouse used daily by Mayan women. They are usually washed by hand over a river rock or in a pila (public fountain) made from stone. Huipils are very durable.


A: From time to time we LOVE offering an opportunity for someone to win a complimentary gift. All though we would love for everyone to win, we can only pick ONE winner at a time. When we do a GIVEAWAY it is with the intentions to promote and attract people to our cause. Everyone's efforts are greatly appreciated and we thank you! Rules on how to enter will typically be posted with a photo of the gift. Winner(s) will then be announced on the stated date.